RNFA courses 2022


  • RNFA Team A > 27-29 April + 30 May–1 June 2022
  • RNFA Team B > 4-6 May + 13-15 June 2022

Target group/qualification to participate 
Nurses with a minimum of 2 years’ experience within surgery including experience in robotic surgery

The educational programme consists of a theoretical, clinical and practical training.
The course is divided into two parts (3+3 days).
To complete the education as a RNFA, it is highly recommended that the trainee within the next 3 months assists during 20 procedures closely supervised by an experienced robotic surgeon.

Part I
Two days laparoscopic training on black boxes.
The third day is a combination of theoretical interaction and some practical teaching at the da Vinci robotic station.
To finish part I there is a theoretical and a practical test as well as an individual evaluation.


Part II
Three days of operations and assistance on live anathesiasized pigs – traditional laparoscopy.
To finish part II there is a theoretical and a practical test as well as an individual evaluationThis final evaluation will be emailed to the trainee, nearest leader and a robotic surgeon at the department.


Course material
Course material is forwarded app. 3 weeks prior the course as it is expected that the trainee has read/gone through the material before the course. In regards to Part I it is expected that the DaVinci manual has been read.
Prior to Part II it is expected that the trainee has been watching several DVDs/film on the internet regarding professionally relevant robotic surgery (eg. www.davincisurgerycommunity.com, www.websurg.com, www.youtube.com).

The course material is in English and the course will also be held in English unless all the participants are from Denmark.

Jane Petersson, RNFA in robotic surgery, Urology Department, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark, a urologist & a gynecologist.

Course Location
Biomedical Research Laboratory (basement)
Aalborg University Hospital
Ladegårdsgade 3, DK-9000 Aalborg

The course begins at 08.00 and ends at 16.00.

All meals during the course are included.

ROCnord (former MIUC) can be of assistance in regards to hotel reservation at the Hotel Gestus which is within walking distance of the course location.

Number of participants
Maximum of six.

Registration deadline
Team C: 15 April.

Course fee
3000 EURO for both part I and part II.
NB! In regards to no show/late cancellation less than 1 month in advanced the fee is 300 EURO!